Lithops pebble plants - 40 seeds
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Lithops pebble plants - 40 seeds

These amazing little plants are experts at camouflage and mimicry, and they need to be to hide from their native plant eating predators. These neat little plants are easily mistaken for pebbles and produce mainly white or yellow blooms. During resting period keep dry. Height: 2.5-10cm (1-4in).

Sow from mid winter to late summer in a free draining cactus compost, just covering the seed with silver sand. Seal in a polythene bag or cover with glass until germination which can take from 2-12 weeks at 18-27C (65-80F).

<span style="\\&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;\\"="">Transplant the seedlings into 6cm (2.5in) pots when large enough to handle. Water with care allowing the surface of the soil to dry out slightly before giving a fine mist spray. After two or three months let them dry out for a few days between more thorough waterings. Transplant when the plants begin to crowd.

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