Cardiocrinum giganteum - 40 seeds
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Cardiocrinum giganteum - 40 seeds

The Giant Himalayan Lily produces large, fragrant, white trumpets, ruby red in the throat on 2-3m stems.
They adore light shade, humidity and rich, leafy soils. Prepare your soil well in advance with plenty of humus, leaf mold, manure and bark to get the best from them. They are a long term project, not an instant gratification plant. If you want the best from them, they need work on your part!

Sow in trays, pots, etc of good seed compost in a propagator or warm place to maintain an optimum temperature of 55-60F (13-15C). Sowing Depth: 1/16in (1.5mm). Sow February to July. Germination can be very slow. After sowing in a pot of peaty compost, seal in a polythene bag and leave at 55-65F (13-18C) for 2-3 weeks. Then place in a refrigerator (not freezer) for 3-6 weeks, after which return to recommended germination temperature. Keep the compost moist at all times.

Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots. Grow on in a cold frame and plant out the following spring into a nursery bed and grow on for 3-4 years before planting into final site 90cm (3ft) apart.

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