Puya Raimondii - 5 seeds
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Puya Raimondii - 5 seeds

Commonly known as the 'Queen Of The Andes',  not only is Puya Raimondii  the largest of the Puya species, but also the largest species of bromeliad. It can reach 3 m tall in vegetative growth, and can produce a flower spike 9–10 m tall, with more than three thousand flowers and six million seeds in each plant.

Its reproductive cycle is approximately 40 years, though one individual planted near sea level at the University of California Botanical Garden, USA, in 1958 grew to 7.6 m (24 ft 11 in) and bloomed in August 1986 after only 28 years.

Like most bromeliads, it dies soon after flowering. It is considered to be an endangered species. Seeds were collected of P. raimondii in 1999 and 2000 of the rodales of Huashta Cruz (district Pueblo Libre, Ancash region, Peru), near the city of Caraz. It is also known to grow in the Masma Chicche District of Jauja Province.

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