Venus Flytrap - 10 seeds
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Venus Flytrap - 10 seeds

The Venus Flytrap is one of nature's most fascinating plants. Watch this unique plant mature into an avid fly catcher before your eyes. Suitable for a warm windowsill, conservatory or greenhouse.

Sow in an Ericaceous (Rhododendron, Heather, etc.) compost, in a 4in (10cm) pot in a propagator or warm place to maintain an optimum temperature of 75-80F (25-27C). Surface sow and do not exclude light. Sow at any time of year. Compost should be damp but not soggy. Lightly press seeds onto the compost, spacing well apart to ensure a good contact. Seal inside a polythene bag or cover with glass and place out of direct sun, but in good light. Provide a humidity of 90% until most have germinated which takes 20-40 days then reduce to 70-80%.

<span style="\&quot;line-height:" 1.6em;\"="">Transplant seedlings after 3-4 true leaves develop. Seedlings are slow growing, once the first set of true leaves has developed, give a VERY WEAK solution of liquid fertiliser once a month.

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