Beetroot Red Ace - 150 seeds
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Beetroot Red Ace - 150 seeds

This main crop variety produces round to oval, high quality roots with a dark red colour. The hybrid vigour of Beetroot 'Red Ace' F! Hybrid makes it a very strong grower which will do well in most sites and soils, and is particularly good in dry seasons. This RHS AGM variety makes a superb choice for exhibition. Height: 30cm (12”). Spread: 15cm (6”).

Direct sow beetroot seeds outdoors from March to July in a weed free, sunny position in fertile, light, well drained soil. Sow beetroot seeds thinly in shallow drills at a depth of 3cm (1") and 30cm (12") apart. Germination will usually take 12 to 24 days. When large enough to handle, thin out the seedlings within each row to 10cm (4") apart.

When growing beetroot, water as necessary to prevent the soil from drying out and keep the plants cool and moist. This will help to avoid plants running to seed. Roots can be lifted at any time from June to October once they have reached 1" diameter or more. Harvest any remaining crops before the first frosts. Beetroot can be stored until mid spring in boxes of moist sand in a frost free shed or garage.

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